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Applications for REPU 2024 are now closed

Applicants will be notified via email

Applicant's profile

Students who are willing to apply to the program at any of the five branches must meet the following requirements in addition to the technical knowledge specified per branch. Successful candidates usually:

  • Have completed or are at least in the 3rd year of undergraduate studies in a STEM major at any Peruvian university by the time of the application.

  • Have previous experience in research or in the development of an engineering project and programming skills.

  • Know English at an advanced level, they must be capable to have scientific discussions and to write academic documents in this language. There is no need to prove it through a certificate or examination because the application process will be in more than 50% in English.

  • Share the same commitment of our community for the development of the technological and scientific capacity in the country, as well as being eager to participate in the sustainability of REPU.

  • Have a valid passport, or be already in the process of obtaining one.

Application stages

The application process for the REPU Program is divided into three qualifying rounds, each of them requires both English and Spanish proficiency. The results after each round are notified by e-mail, for which a constant check on the e-mail inbox and spam is recommended. The final results will be published through our social networks, as well as any changes in the deadline.


1st round: All applicants will be required to fill out a questionnaire and to upload a CV and a personal statement.

2nd round: Applicants will need to fill out a form and also to upload a short video about themselves. Requirements for the video will be provided in the questionnaire. 

3rd round: Successful candidates from the previous round will go through an online interview. The interview will be in English and will consist of the discussion of a scientific article (provided 1-hour prior to the interview).

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