Peru's biodiversity includes more than 20,500 species of plants and more than 5,500 species of animals; therefore, the country needs more scientists to study, manage and protect our biodiversity. Regardless of the major being pursued by the applicants, they need to have basic knowledge in ecology. Knowledge of common used field and laboratories techniques and statistics are desired, but not mandatory. In the past years, topics such as population biology, phylogenetic, fisheries studies and conservation were developed in the internship. 


For more information on previous projects developed during the internship, please refer to the Magazine.

Host Institutions in 2019 

  • Cornell University

  • Texas A&M

  • University of British Columbia

Application Instructions
Applications for ecoREPU 2021 are canceled. For more information go to the admissions section.


Renato La Torre
Oscar Quispe
Stefano Garcí­a
Gino Rivera
Giuliana Lopez
Lucia Alva
Alvaro Ponce
Noelia Valderrama
Romina Najarro
Juan Carlos Jeri
Ulises Rosas
Jose Iturrizaga
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Rossana Maguiña
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Rossana Maguiña
David Chang
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Heads of ecoREPU

Current ecoREPU Admissions Committee Members 

Cindy Hurtado
Nereyda Falconi
David Chang
Patricia Mendoza
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