Physics, perhaps the most ancient of all sciences, seeks to describe the behavior of the world and the interaction of matter, energy and space-time; therefore, its understanding is fundamental for the development of cutting-edge technology in the future. In the past years, topics such as biophysics, particle physics, plasma physics, nuclear physics and optics were developed in the internship. 


For more information on previous projects developed during the internship, please refer to the Magazine.

Host Institutions in 2020

  • Yale University

Application Instructions

Applications for REPU Physics 2021 are canceled. For more information go to the admissions section.


Sergio Nuñez
Alexander Trujillo
Jorge Benel
Gonzalo Villegas
Brenda Rojas
Marielena Velasco
Melissa Medrano
Claudia Parisuaña
Álvaro Chupillón
Victor Valera
Pedro Cisneros
Gabriel Rabanal
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Humberto Torreblanca
Sofia Espinoza
Mentor REPU Physics
Edson Bellido
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Victor Valera
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Head of REPU Physics

Current REPU Physics Admissions Committee Members 

Kevin Villegas
Andres Llacsahuanga
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Former REPU Physics Admissions Committee Members 

Humberto Torreblanca
Maria Jose Maureira
Sofia Espinoza
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