Nanotechnology has a variety of applications in fields such as medicine, electronics or energy; therefore, in order to develop these important areas in the country, experts in the field are needed. Regardless of the major being pursued by the applicants, they need to have basic knowledge in physics and chemistry before applying to this branch. In the past years, topics such as solid state, nano electronics, microfluidics and quantum chemistry were developed in the internship. 


For more information on previous projects developed during the internship, please refer to the Magazine.


Host Institutions in 2020

  • Purdue University

  • Leibniz - IPHT 

  • Yale University

  • University of California Irvine

Application Instructions

Applications for nanoREPU 2021 are canceled. For more information go to the admissions section.


Amaru Escalante
Sebastián Yépez
Valeria Márquez
Samir Muñoz
Karina Vasquez
Sergio Cortez
Danae Chipoco
Ricardo Gonzales
Ricardo Vilchez
Joel Ochoa
Luis Arana
Diego Berrocal
Fabiola Bravo
Jean Pierre Inchaustegui
Andres Llacsahuanga
Kevin Villegas
Jorge Aparicio
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Luis Jauregui
nanoREPU mentor
Purdue University
Edson Bellido
nanoREPU Mentor
McMaster University
Sofia Espinoza
nanoREPU Mentor
Yale University
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Heads of nanoREPU

Kevin Villegas
Ricardo Gonzales
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Current nanoREPU Admissions Committee Members 

Alfredo Tuesta
Alfredo Bobadilla
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Former nanoREPU Admissions Committee Members 

Keitel Cervantes
Jimy Encomendero
Luis Jauregui
Jean Pierre Inchaustegui
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