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REPU Program sets up 12-week (from January to March) research-intensive internships for Peruvian undergraduate students in five branches: biology, chemistry, physics, nanotechnology and ecology. The program, which is organized by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working in STEM fields, allows undergraduate students in Peruvian universities to do cutting edge research and get trained by experts at top institutions in North America and Europe.

Activities during the program

The program provides complementary activities that will improve the student's research abilities, as well as develop skills that are necessary for any professional in STEM. These are:

  • Journal Clubs: Weekly discussion of scientific articles related to the interns’ work at the host laboratory. Every intern presents at least two times during the program with the guidance of their mentors.

  • Research in Progress: Halfway into their internships, students present the work they have been doing at the host laboratory to other interns and their mentors.

  • REPU Seminar: Meeting organized at the end of the program where the interns present the work they developed during the program to the REPU cohort, mentors, directors, invited speakers and everyone following the broadcast through social media.

Mentorship during the program

Every intern will have an assigned mentor who will:

  • Find a laboratory with an appropriate work environment, considering the topics of interest of the mentee.

  • Provide or manage any documentation related to visas (depending on host country) and possible funding sources.

  • Guide the mentee in the search for accommodation and provide information about the life and culture in the city where the host institution is.

  • Provide academic support and feedback during the internship and all of its activities.

Responsibilities of the intern

By accepting being an intern you commit yourself to:

  • Follow REPU’s code of conduct.

  • Provide promptly the information required by your mentor and/or the REPU co-directors.

  • Work full-time at the assigned laboratory.

  • Attend and actively participate in REPU activities (mentor-mentee meetings, Journal Clubs, Research in progress, REPU Seminar).

Cost of the program and founding

The REPU program doesn’t have any application fees. Unfortunately, REPU does not provide economic support for visa application, flight tickets, accommodation or daily expenses during the program. However, we will assist you in identifying sources of funding, and will provide any documentation necessary for funding applications.


For further information about the REPU branches, take a look into the following sections:

Fibre Optics
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