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Here you can find our old news (2009 - 2015).

November 2015 Daisy Unsihuay (REPU 2015) published her research done at Universidad de Navarra in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Congratulations! October 2015 Vanderbilt published an article about REPU and interviewed REPU co-Director Kenyi Saito. “Program gives undergrads from Peru lab experience” August 2015 REPU 2016 candidates have been selected. Congratulations! April 2015 Applications for REPU 2016 will start on April 1st 2015 and end on May 1st 2015. Don’t miss the new deadline. March 2015 The REPU Seminar & REPU Meeting were a success. We gathered over 40 Peruvian scientists in New Haven for a great weekend of science and Peruvian culture. Thank you CONCYTEC. February 2015 The Yale International Affairs office has published an article about REPU! January 2015 We are pleased to present a new edition of the REPU Magazine! December 2014 Paola Moreno-Roman (REPU 2012) and our directors Sofia Espinoza and Kenyi Saito-Diaz present a poster about REPU in the American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting October 2014 Abel Alcázar-Román, REPU founder, talked about REPU in the radio program “Peruanos en el Exterior” in Radio Programas del Perú. August 2014 Our Directors, Kenyi Saito-Diaz and Sofia Espinoza wrote a report published in the ASCB newsletter titled “REPU: Training the Next Generation of Peruvian Scientists” June 2014 Javier Marqina (REPU 2012) and Juan Manuel Iglesias-Artola (REPU 2014) published a REPU Seminar 2014 Report in the ASCB Newsletter: “Peruvian Undergraduates Meet at Yale” March 2014 Juan Manuel Iglesias (REPU 2014) has been selected to attend the Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Vienna, Austria and was awarded a cash prize for giving one of the best talks. Congratulations. REPU Seminar 2014 was a success with the presence of Eduardo Torres and Fernando Camargo. Thank you! Pedro Baldera, Fatima Saldaña, Adrea Cuentas and Gonzalo Tueros have been accepted to Ph.D. programs at Columbia, Baylor, Vanderbilt and Lund University. Congratulations to all! April 2013 Pedro Baldera (REPU 2013) was a co-author on a paperpublished in JBC about his work with the Yan lab about Rhodopsin. REPU is mentioned in the acknowledgments. Congratulations Pedro! March 2013 Paola Moreno-Roman (REPU 2012) was accepted to Stanford University to pursue a PhD, congratulations! Luis Hernandez (REPU 2012) was accepted to Harvard University to pursue a PhD, congratulations! REPU Meeting/Seminar counted with the participation of REPU students from Purdue, Vanderbilt and Yale January 2013 Four REPU 2013 participants attended the Cells, Circuits, and Computation 2013: Physics of Living Systems - Meeting in Cambridge, MA. REPU students at Vanderbilt and Yale have arrived. REPU 2013 has started. September 2012 We have selected students for REPU 2013. Congratulations! August 2012 Applications for REPU 2013 are closed. Applications for REPU 2014 will be received in 2013. July 2012 We invite chemistry students to apply to REPU 2013. Application deadline for chemistry students has been extended to August 15th 2012. More details in Overview. June 2012 We are receiving applications for REPU 2013. Check out our poster, website, and facebook page for more information! Denisse Tafur (REPU 2010) and Luis Hernandez (REPU 2012) talked to Modesto Montoya about their experiences with REPU. March 2012 Denisse Tafur (REPU 2010) was accepted to the University of Connecticut Health Center - Biomedical Science PhD program. Congratulations! The REPU Seminar 2012 was a success with presentations by all participants. Eliana Torres (REPU 2011) was selected to do an internship at the Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Vienna, Austria. February 2012 Maria Jesus Olarte (REPU 2010) was accepted to the Yale University BBSB Track for a Ph.D. program. Congratulations! Omar Julca (REPU 2010) was accepted to the Yale University MCGD Program for a Ph.D. program. Congratulations! David Romero (REPU 2011) will start an internship at University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia for three months. Omar Julca (REPU 2010) was a co-author on a paper published with the Melia lab in Methods in Cell Biology.REPU was thanked in the acknowledgments! January 2012 The REPU program was awarded a grant by the International Federation for Cell Biology( This grant will help our trainees attend a conference in Boston, present in journal clubs, and support them in their living expenses. Thank you IFCB! REPU 2012 participants attended the 2012 Cells, Circuits, and Computation 2012: Bauer Fellows Program Meeting in Cambridge, MA. Aug 2011 Maria Jesus Olarte (REPU 2010) will attend the LSM Summer School in Munich, Germany. Denisse Tafur (REPU 2010) presented her work at the ECI in Lima, Peru. Enith Sifuentes (REPU 2011) and Denisse Tafur (REPU 2010) presented their work and talked about their experience abroad to more than 60 undergraduate science students in Lima, Peru. Jun 2011 Omar Julca (REPU 2010) will attend the Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Vienna, Austria. May 2011 The ASBMB published an article about the REPU program in their monthly newsletter. Find it here. Kenyi Saito (REPU 2008) passed his qualifying exam at Vanderbilt University Department of Cell and Developmental Biology. Maria Jesus Olarte (REPU 2010) will present her work in a poster session at the ASBMB annual meeting in Washington D.C. Mar 2011 REPU students and organizers collaborated with Ron Vale and the American Society for Cell Biology in the translation of several iBioMagazine videos. See the acknowledgment here. Feb 2011 Sofia Espinoza (REPU 2009) was accepted to Yale University for a PhD program. Congratulations! Dec 2010 Maria Jesus Olarte and Denisse Tafur (REPU 2010) will attend the ASCB annual meeting in Philadelphia, PA. Feb 2009 Kenyi Saito (REPU 2008) was accepted to the Vanderbilt University IGP PhD program. Congratulations!

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